Hey, it’s me, in the picture (well with pre-lockdown hair I mean). My name is Mathilde, I worked for 15 years in finance, mainly in hospitality industry, in France and abroad. 

Beginning 2020, I was freelancing doing finance consulting in Paris, and I had basically no idea what a do was. Well, I mean, of course I knew what a do was, yer i had never been any close to one. 

And there was that story about pangolin, and the world stopped. I left Paris to lockdown in a house in the countryside with friends, and, among them, a sweet little dog. Eight weeks later, ma life had changed. 

So, end of may, Crapule a Jack Russel puppy of 6 weeks was running towards me, two paws at a time, like a goat, and got cosy with my fluo orange sneakers. Two weeks later, we would never be far from each other ever again.  Alors, fin mai, Crapule, petit Jack Russell de 6 semaines, court vers moi (les deux

"waitin for the end of the crisis (aha)"

As I was looking for stuffs for him, I could not find anything I really enjoyed. So i started creating a lead with rope. 

After a couple of questions in the park, I decided to create a website, to keep myself busy “waiting for the end of the crisis” (aha), I would bike deliver customers in Paris with my baby Crapule in a custom basket, riding around the city. 

That’s how Crapule Paris slowly started from my living room in September 2020 !  

An unexpected adventure : the gang

I certainly did not expect that, the adventure quickly grew ! I met many dogmoms and dogdads, I got inspiration from them.. and in a blink of an eye, I was hooked. 

Hand Free Leashes in rope quickly find their audience, as they are are well fit for urban lifestyle. 

Holiday season, end of the french lockdown, terrasses reopenings,… the gang of Crapule is rowing everyday. As we realize that Paris is not quite dog friendly when it comes to do parks, we create a map for parisians and share it with the gang. A couple of weeks later, we launch the Crapule’app. 

At that stage, we can’t go back, we are massive fans of the Gang of Crapule, I want to keep on going…


the arrival of reinforcements

In July 2021, a year after Crapule arrived in my life, Wassim and Cathy, whom I have been knowing for 20 and 10 years respectively, joined the adventure to make it grow together. 

We are full of ideas, and a strong will to pursue the adventure. We work the whole summer, defining what’s next. We meet a lot of people, we explore many leads of development, we love that. 

We receive a unexpected email from a young lady who is passionate about movies and videos. Her CV is fully built with Crapule Paris’ visual identity. Of course we want to meet her.  


And that’s how Elsa, our first team member, joint the Crapule team beginning of October. Quickly we realize that my apartment is not suitable to welcome what’s next, so we start looking for a place to setup our offices, ideally in Paris. 

On August 20th, 2021, we got the keys from La Crapulerie, an office space in the neighborhood of Beaubourg in Paris. It has been untouched since the 80s, but we are not afraid. We start painting the walls, decorating and we move in mid-september, ready to write the next chapters ! 

To Be COntinued...